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Chef Higashida comes to our cooking classes boasting a vast culinary resume. Born and raised in Japan, Chef Sean learned and developed his culinary skills and knowledge of French, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine before coming to the United States. His past work history involved living in Paris, France for 4 plus years. There, he expanded his knowledge of French food and wine, as well as European food, culture and regional wine. Perhaps with time we can experience some of the Chef’s fusion but for his first classes Sean will emphasize Japanese cooking. And while the prospect of high cuisine from Japan, a country where there are more Michelin Five Star restaurants than any other, he promises his cuisine does not have to be complicated. Lessons will emphasize cultural insights in the way Japanese enjoy eating and how history has influenced present day offerings. Nutrition is a major force in the diet of this super healthy nation and Sean will tutor classes in the philosophy that is deeply imbedded in their everyday life. At Buford Highway Farmers Market Chef Sean has instructed classes in Japanese favorites Ramen, sushi, Japan’s street food, Kaiseki cuisine, Traditional Japanese tea ceremony class as well as Chinese cuisine. He also developed and presented classes “About” exotic ingredients of the store to familiarize folks with how to use them in a variety of ways. These included, “About Rice”, “About Sweet Potatoes”, “About Noodles and Ramen, Chicken, Beef, Seafood, French, and many more. Chef Higashida is expert at inserting valuable nutritional information and culinary history in his lessons. As well he delights everyone with anecdotes about life in a professional kitchen.