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Lea earliest memories of childhood were of joyfully jumping on the kitchen counter watching her mom twist koulourakia and wondering when she would be able to do the same with such speed and finesse. Lea grew up travelling to Greece on a regular basis spending the summers on her family's farm encased by vineyards and the beach within walking distance. She now passes along her love of heritage by taking her own family to Greece every other year. Busing tables at the age of 7 at the family owned restaurants became second nature. Lea love of cooking was put to good use as co-chair of "Greek Food To Go" monthly fundraising in East Cobb for a couple of years. She has devoted over a decade of making pastries and savory Greek dishes for the Annual Marietta Greek Festival. It's her passion and "duty" to feed all whom she loves and is excited to be able to share family passed down recipes with you!