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Naina Bhedwar is an entirely self-taught chef whose passion for food and cooking began when she was barely knee high, mother and grandmothers kitchens. Hailing from two distinct and vibrant Indian communities, the Parsis (originally of Persia) and the Punjabis of India’s North, Naina has had the further privilege of living in all four corners of India as well as abroad in Australia, the UK and now, Atlanta. Each home brought with it new and delicious culinary and cultural experiences, allowing a faceted and multilayered love of food to emerge and take a steadfast hold. Kesar Kitchen, LLC (Kesar is the Hindi term for Saffron ~ Naina’s favored spice) offers exciting and interesting ways to present the endlessly varied and incredibly interesting food of India. Naina also offers Persian / Iranian dishes, as a salute to her ancestry, as well as other cuisines from the Near East. Hailing from two very distinct Indian communities, the Parsis (originally from Persia) and the Punjabis (North Indian) Naina's culinary roots are equally varied and colourful. The Parsi community in particular, are very well known for their love of food and eating and have created a type of Indian food that melds Indian spicing with Middle Eastern roots. Having recently relocated to Atlanta after many years pursuing myriad culinary avenues in one of the greatest gastronomic capitals of the world, London, Naina is eager to both guide and share more with all who share a common love for unique ingredients, cooking and eating.