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Sunisa Somnuek is a personal Chef who specializes in cooking Thai food and is married with two kids. Sunisa was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand before eventually moving to the metropolitan area of Atlanta. Growing up in Thailand Sunisa was surrounded with family who loved to cook and she always found time to help with her momís catering business. This taught her a lot about how to cook exceptional Thai food. Sunisa would go onto to study at Kasetsart University and earned a bachelorís degree in Agricultural Chemistry. Also she would earn an MBA in Marketing from Ramkhamhang University. After finishing school she worked in marketing for a major cell phone company in Thailand. However being satisfied with her career, Sunisaís real passion was to travel the world and try different cultural foods while learning how to cook all of them. This passion would lead her to Atlanta in 2006. While spending the last nine years in Atlanta, Sunisa always love to cook Thai food at her home by using her family recipes and always found a way to cook Thai food that tasted like her home country while substituting some of the ingredients that could not be found in America. These discoveries lead her to write the blog modern Thai . After beginning her blog, she started her cooking class at Bradford at Bishop before eventually finding her way to The Cookís Warehouse. During that time period Sunisa also served as a personal events personal chef. She has also started blogging about her life as a mom, chef & wife at