Chef Details - Eddie Hernandez

Business: Taqueria Del Sol and Sundown Café

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Chef Bio:
Taqueria del Sol is truly one of a kind, juxtaposing the quality of fine dining ingredients against fast-casual prices, and offering authentic Mexican food selections as well as a variety of Southern-inspired menu choices. And that’s exactly how Corporate Chef Eddie Hernandez likes his restaurants—offering something for everyone. Hernandez was born in Monterrey, Mexico, and relocated to the United States at the age of 17. Growing up, he was always on hand to help in the kitchen at his grandmother’s restaurants, learning how to cook from her and the other employees. After moving to Texas, Hernandez began working as a chef at El Chico Mexican Restaurants and playing drums, another passion of his, to support himself. Eager to have more creative freedom and not have to travel so much, Hernandez moved to Georgia on the suggestion of a friend. Driving by the Azteca Grill in Clayton County one day, Hernandez inquired within about a waiting position and met with then operator, Taqueria del Sol CEO Mike Klank. After only three days of working the tables, Hernandez was back in the kitchen, setting the stage for the Klank-Hernandez partnership that would take Atlanta’s culinary scene by storm. The two moved on from Azteca Grill in 1991, opening Sundown Café in Atlanta. Inspired by the taco stands and flavors of the West, the two opened the first Taqueria del Sol in 2000. Presently, Hernandez can be found at one of the four Taqueria del Sol locations or at the sister company, Sol Catering. Hernandez oversees all kitchen activity for the locations, including new menu specials, health codes and food supplies. Hernandez is motivated by a strong desire to continue learning and staying ahead of the culinary curve. The chef spends a large part of his time researching new ways to combine ingredients and concepts. Hernandez attends and competes in various food competitions, observing the other chefs, networking and finding inspiration for menu ideas. A particular challenge Hernandez enjoys taking on is conceiving fine dining dishes, then reinterpreting the dish to make it approachable in price with minimal sacrifice to quality. If being the corporate chef of a successful, locally-based multi-unit business was not enough, during a brief stay back in Texas, Hernandez was elected mayor of a small town 47 miles away from Waco. He served the full two-year term, and volunteered for the local fire department.